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Prom and Homecoming

Major school dances like homecoming and prom are important events in the life of a teenager. For the females, their dress is one of the most important issues that they have to decide on. Your family budget will determine whether the dress is purchased or rented. Shoes and jewelry can be rented too. Of course, most guys rent their tuxedo. It is a nice touch if the guy can match their bow tie to their date's dress. The dance can take place on the school grounds or off. But what most of the teenagers look forward to is the after party. It can take place at the house of a schoolmate or a rented hotel room or restaurant. There are a lot more options today than there used to be. The end game is for everyone to have a great time while staying safe.

If you are a parent of a teenager about to experience one of these big school dances, we know you worry about their safety. And with good reason. There have been a lot of negative outcomes in relation to teenage events and that is why you see many police stations and schools showing completely crushed cars in their front yard that were a part of a drinking and driving accident. At all costs, you want to keep your son or daughter as far away from anything remotely connected with this possibility. The best option that we can think of is a limo bus from Limo Jackson. We already know that your teenager would rather hide in a hole than be driven to the prom or homecoming by you in the family mini-van. And we also know that you are not going to allow them to drive themselves or to ride with a friend. Bad decisions can lead to horrible outcomes very quickly no matter how much you preach. But an amazing vehicle from the best luxury transportation company around will make everyone happy.

The first thing you might be wondering is how costly one of our vehicles would be for such an event. We suggest that you have your son or daughter gather all of the friends that they would like to experience the evening with and have all of them split the cost. This will not only make it more economical but it will be a blast for the entire group. We can promise you that they will never forget how amazing their evening was when they travel in such luxury. You will become the coolest parents on the planet. But for your purposes, you will be able to have a peaceful night knowing that everyone will be safe and sound on one of our vehicles. We only hire experienced and certified chauffeurs that are extremely knowledgeable about the area roads. Our driver will make sure that the group gets to each stop safely and they will not be taken to any destination without the parent's approval. Also, keep in mind that all of our vehicles are well maintained by certified mechanics which should bring you additional peace of mind.

So, at this point you might be wondering what the teenagers will get to do on their limo bus. The features we have installed are top notch. We know how much they enjoy electronics and we have some of the best on our vehicles. For example, there is a premium concert quality sound system with sub-woofer and CD/iPod/MP3 inputs. So the group will want to make sure and bring their favorite music because they will be able to play it. Also, there are multiple high definition flat screen televisions with DVD capabilities. There is plenty of room to stand or sit on the vehicle and for their sitting pleasure, we have installed a customized leather wraparound couch. If anyone feels a bit parched, they will be able to visit the bar areas with built-in coolers of ice. These can be stocked ahead of time with the groups favorite non-alcoholic drinks. And we know the teenagers will go crazy over the LED color changing mood lighting on the walls, ceiling, steps, and coolers. And last but not least, there is a customized hardwood dance floor with dancing pole. As you can see, one of our limo buses is the perfect complement for school dances for a myriad of reasons.

Call us today and let your worries melt away. Our courteous customer service agents are ready and able to answer any questions or concerns that you might have and they will be more than happy to walk you through the easy booking process. Call us anytime day or night.

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